Constance........Connie.......Conalona.......Constanople......Constanza.........YES, YOU CAN CALL ME Constance.....Connie......Conalona........Constanople.......Constanza! We will have FUN whether you are looking to sell your current home, buy an existing property, wanting to build new construction, or toying with the idea of purchasing an investment property. I will give my 110% & nothing less to help you slam doors in order to open lovely new doors to the American Dream!!

“We loved having Connie as our realtor. We were moving to Omaha from the East coast and knew little about the area. In a blizzard, she showed us homes, helped us identify the perfect neighborhood and school, and worked with us closely. This all meant so much to us since we couldn't be in Omaha for much of the process. She made the smooth and helped us every step of the way. I would highly recommend Connie to anyone looking to move.” - Aaron Mohs

“My husband and I had a great experience with Connie. We first met her when we came to Omaha to check out the area before my husband accepted the position he was offered. She showed us some areas of suburban Omaha that she thought might be a good fit. When we came back out to house hunt, she had to think outside of the box because some of the homes in a particular neighborhood had been sold just before we got there. We ended up looking at a house that had potential. Connie did an excellent job with the builder and his Realtor to help add two more bedrooms and finish the basement. From start to finish, Connie was great, and was accessible every step of the way.” - Corey & Dawnan Hopkins

“Connie was so quick to respond to my requests. I purchased a home in 2009 with Connie's assistance and I am continually grateful. I have referred many friends and relatives since. They report that she has been very responsive to them as well.” - Laura Atkisson

"Constance is conscientious and committed to her work. Things always seemed to happen faster when she was involved. She is wonderful to work with, always cheerful and positive. I recommend her strongly." - Monita Chatterjee

"I want everyone to know that my experience of selling and buying has been the best ever! I remember when I purchased, I didn't get the service that Constance has provided. I've referred three people and they have agreed. Hands down the best!" - Katina Winters